Slough Turf
"Southview", Moneyrow Green, Holyport, Berkshire, SL6 2ND
                  Telephone: 01628 636910  - Mobile: 07850 560508
Buy The Freshest Turf Direct From The Grower
The Highest Quality: The best quality turf will always come from a turf grower like ourselves. This is because we deliver it to you freshly cut from our land. Buying from a retailer often means that the turf has been in their premises for a long while, as can often be seen by the pale colour and wilting edges. Buying turf from us guarantees the freshest and highest quality turf available anywhere.

Our reputation for providing the very highest quality turf is important to us and is the reason we never distribute our turf to retailers - only direct to our customers.

The Lowest Price: Buying your turf from us also guarantees a price significantly lower than from a retailer. Our business life is all about tending and rotating our crop, as opposed to a retailer who basically buys and sells a wide variety of different items, cannot specialise in any one product and has enormous overheads. The price we can offer to you, therefore, is greatly reduced.

A Wide Variety Of Customers: We are based in Berkshire - between Windsor, Maidenhead and Ascot - and we supply some of the largest landscape gardens in the UK (Crown Estates has been our customer for 20 years), major builders and sporting clubs. Our day-to-day business is supplying individuals with any number of turfs they require, however large or small. For details click on our customers.

We Deliver Daily: We offer the turf which is cut on the delivery day. We can also provide details for your turf to be laid by experts at a competitive price. Just contact us for details.

Or Why Not Buy Your Turf At Our Farm? Monday to Friday 8.00am - 11.00am March/April to October/November (weather permitting). You can buy any quantity you choose starting from just one turf. Please click on location map to find us.