Slough Turf
"Southview", Moneyrow Green, Holyport, Berkshire, SL6 2ND
                  Telephone: 01628 636910  - Mobile: 07850 560508
Supplying The Freshest Turf Since 1965
We're a family business that have been dedicated to turf growing since 1965
On the left is proprietor Ken Harman in 1967 (in the white shirt). The lorry is magnificent and note how the turfs are folded instead of rolled as they are now.

On the right is Ken again in 1970 with a Ryan Sod Cutter. This machine shook violently and was so loud that Ken's hearing has been permanently affected.
Still with an eye to the past, below are three tractors which have served us well through the years. The leftmost one goes back to 1954 and in its latter years handled our irrigation (as shown). It has been replaced by the yellow one (in the middle) which handles irrigation to this day. The blue one on the right is now our main field tractor.
As you can see (above left), we have a small lake and the pictures here are taken nearing the completion of digging it in 1998 (some members of the family just enjoyed playing in it). The lake helps us with irrigation of the field and the surrounding area has evolved into a miniature wildlife sanctuary.

You can also see here that the whole family came together during the most critical parts of our operation to ensure that all work was done with the maximum speed and efficiency. We were always able to achieve this necessary productivity (after they had gone). Now they are older of course, they really do help with the family business whenever they can.
Here are a couple of long shots of the turf farm. On the left is an example of the field rotation, with the turf to be collected in the far distance and all of the current activity being done in the middle. For photographs that show our rotation cycle in greater detail, click the turf growing link.

The shot on the right looks over the field during the snow of 2001. Not many customers came to buy turf that day but they are normally here at the times below:
Turf sales at the farm: Monday to Friday 8.00am - 11.00am March/April to October/November, click location map to see where we are.